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Former alt-weekly editor turned content marketer and moonlight freelancer. Food, drinks, travel, and art are just a few of my favorite things to write about.

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The veil   c lesnick photo article

24 Hours of Drinking in Richmond, Virginia :: Travel :: Features :: cocktails :: Paste

From craft coffee roasters and a moonshine distillery to a bevy of breweries, here’s how to drink your way through Virginia’s capital city in 24 hours.

Quirkroom article

Your Room Key: Quirk Hotel, Richmond, Virginia :: Travel :: Features ...

It’s hard to believe that Richmond’s new 60,000-square-foot boutique hotel started out as a humble two-room art gallery. The Quirk Hotel, which opened its doors in September, is impressive in its scale—75 sleek, chic guest rooms are spread across seven stories in an Italian Renaissance building that once housed an upscale department store.

Bru1 article

10 Affordable Airbnbs in Brussels, Belgium

As the capital of the European Union, Brussels has a reputation for being buttoned-up and a tad boring. While you could spend all of your euros visiting the city’s bohemian bourgeois hotspots, there’s an affordable side to Brussels, if you know where to look.

Bnb1 article

10 Affordable Airbnbs in Porto, Portugal :: Travel :: Lists :: Paste

Porto has its share of trendy hotels that cost $100-plus per night, but by renting an apartment, you can experience life in the heart of the historic city for right around $50 a night.

Ai 20resort main article

My Love-Hate Relationship with All-Inclusive Resorts :: Travel :: Features :: Paste

All-inclusive resorts always seemed like the realm of world-weary retirees and honeymooners traveling on daddy’s dime—not a savvy explorer like myself. But when I found an unbeatable package deal online a few years ago, I took the bait and joined the crowds at a shiny new resort south of Cancun.

Shutterstock 104511161 thumb article

Weekend Itinerary: Chicago for Design Lovers

Yes, Chicago is home to The Bean, aka Anish Kapoor’s iconic “Cloud Gate” sculpture in Millennium Park. But the city is also where you’ll find some of the most innovative art, architecture and design in the country. Here are just a few of our favorite places to get you through a whirlwind, windy weekend.

Lisbon1 article

24 Hours of Drinking in Lisbon

Between the gravity-defying yellow trams and the intricate tile work that decorates the city’s centuries-old buildings, there are plenty of reasons to put Lisbon on your bucket list. Most importantly, it’s still relatively cheap by European standards, making it possible to eat—and drink—like a Portuguese king when visiting.

Sf design raredevice article

10 San Francisco Spots Every Design Lover Should Visit :: Design ...

10 San Francisco Spots Every Design Lover Should Vi...

Sriracha bottle paste article

Strange Brew: 6 Odd Beers That Actually Taste Good

America’s obsession with craft beer is at an all-time high, with craft breweries outselling Budweiser for the first time ever. In their never-ending quest to innovate, breweries have introduced beer made with everything from roasted goat brains to frozen pizza and bull testicles.

Imp 11 thumb article

Letterpress Studio Wants You to Put Your Phone Down

Most of us haven’t licked a postage stamp in the last six months, much less mailed a handwritten letter. If you ask Allison and Daniel Nadeau, that’s pretty tragic. The founders of Charleston, S.C.-based Ink Meets Paper letterpress studio have made it their mission to keep the art of letter-writing alive, creating hand-lettered cards on an antique printing press. Their mantra: “Text less, write more.” That’s something we can definitely get behind.

Stuffed main article

20 Adorable Stuffed Animals You'll Want to Keep for Yourself ...

Stuffed animals and dolls are a lot cuter than they used to be. So cute, in fact, that we’re tempted to buy a few for ourselves.

Wes main article

Wes Anderson Movie Posters Reimagined as Tattered Paperbacks ...

Concepción Studios may be best known for designing band posters and album art, but a newish series takes on Wes Anderson movies. Like many of Concepción’s creations, the prints are reminiscent of a time-worn Penguin paperback, complete with muted colors, an ultra-minimalist design, and a few well-placed scuffs and stains.

Drop caps main article

The Best Drop Caps From A-Z

In the early days of book design, the main purpose of drop caps was to help readers navigate big blocks of text. With origins dating back to 9th century religious texts—and some say even earlier—these large, often intricately illustrated letters marked the beginning of a text or an important passage.

Draft 20cocktails 20long article

Tapped Out: Exploring the Draft Cocktail Trend :: Drink :: Features ...

Tapped Out: Exploring the Draft Cocktail Trend :: D...

Open uri20140618 11569 1fm09d5 article

Five Ridiculously Expensive Cocktails :: Drink :: Lists :: Paste

Boston Bartender Curtis McMillan wants you to know that his “Black Card” $100 cocktail is not a gimmick. You won’t find it served in a sterling silver cup, and you won’t choke on an expensive gemstone in the bottom of the glass.