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Former alt-weekly editor turned content marketer and moonlight freelancer. Food, drinks, travel, and art are just a few of my favorite things to write about.

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The veil   c lesnick photo article

24 Hours of Drinking in Richmond, Virginia :: Travel :: Features :: cocktails :: Paste

From craft coffee roasters and a moonshine distillery to a bevy of breweries, here’s how to drink your way through Virginia’s capital city in 24 hours.

Imrs article
The Washington Post

Instagram heirlooms: Carving out a sacred corner of the Internet for my son

I’m 32, part of a generation that is caught between a childhood that was documented with film and the digital world my son inhabits. I feel guilty about my attachment to my iPhone, about spending too much time on social media and about what might be perceived as oversharing. I also feel nostalgia for the tangible photographs and albums of my youth.

Baltimore monument city brewing company hotel indigo 1024x576 article

The Beer Lover's Guide to Baltimore | Hotel Indigo

Baltimore has long had a love affair with beer. The flames of that romance sparked back in 1885, when National Bohemian first started producing beer in the Charm City. Since that time, more and more brewers have followed suit and set up shop in the city for an urban landscape peppered with breweries, brewpubs and beer gardens.
Since you can spend endless hours discovering new suds and their purveyors, we’ve culled a few of our favorite spots to take a swig of Baltimore’s ever-evolving beer scene.

Baltimore ceremony coffee roasters hotel indigo 1024x576 article

Take A Sip of Baltimore's Brewing Craft Coffee Scene

Baltimore may not be the first city you think of when you think world-class coffee — your mind probably goes straight to Seattle, or maybe even Portland. But Baltimore is brewing up a coffee culture that is quickly rivaling both of those cities.
Over the last few years, the city has added a slew of craft coffee shops that put a fresh new spin on the classic cup of joe. Here are six of our favorites for you to get that caffeine buzz near Hotel Indigo.

Screen shot 2016 07 05 at 12.40.17 pm article

The Ideal Vacation Rental Home for Millennials, Boomers and Beyond

As more people decide they want to travel the world on their own terms, private vacation home rentals have become more popular than ever. From home-sharing sites to luxury vacation rentals, travelers of all ages are choosing to create a more customized approach to vacationing—and it’s shaking up the traditional hotel model.

Traditions fathers 1 article

Like Father, Like Son: How Modern Dads Are Carrying On Father's ...

A new dad’s first Father’s Day can feel like a major milestone in his fatherhood journey. Whether he’s still in those sleep-deprived newborn days or watching his firstborn take his or her first steps, the inaugural Father’s Day celebration is almost like the world saying, “Congratulations: You’re officially a member of the Dad’s Club.”

Vacider 795x400 article

Exploring the Hills and Valleys of Virginia’s Cider Trail

If you want to find craft cider in Virginia, all you have to do is follow the trail of the apples. For generations, the commonwealth’s orchards have been scattered along the peaks and valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains range, which extends from the northern tip of the state all the way to the North Carolina border. The region’s climate, soil and sunshine have helped apples thrive here for hundreds of years—so much so that the mountains were known as the “Apple Belt” in the early 1900s. And Virginia’s growing crop of cidermakers has taken notice.

Screen shot 2016 03 02 at 11.23.36 am article
The Washington Post

What’s new (and old) in Richmond, Virginia’s newly trendy capital - The Washington Post

What’s new (and old) in Richmond, Virginia’s newly...

Hero article

The Lifecycle Of A Linen Closet

Your linen closet says a lot about you. From the type of towels you use to the state of your sheets, these everyday decisions can reflect where you are in your life — whether you’re settling in to your first apartment or you’re an empty-nester with a weakness for fine Egyptian cotton.

29166808051 556bec1b81 article

Diamond Engagement Ring Trends | Hearts On Fire

If you can't decide whether you want a gold or platinum engagement ring, rose gold may be the answer. The pink-hued metal—a gold and copper alloy—is undeniably having a moment, showing up everywhere from the tech world (see the wildly popular rose gold iPhone) to fashion runways (Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, and Herve Leger have all embraced the hue).

Here are six reasons you should think pink and consider making your dream engagement ring rose gold:

Diningreview shoryukenrh rp0116 article

Restaurant Review: Craving Kaedama

Tucked within a brownstone-lined block in VCU’s urban campus, Shoryuken Ramen serves up Japanese-style soul food to college kids and locals alike.

Quirkroom article

Your Room Key: Quirk Hotel, Richmond, Virginia :: Travel :: Features ...

It’s hard to believe that Richmond’s new 60,000-square-foot boutique hotel started out as a humble two-room art gallery. The Quirk Hotel, which opened its doors in September, is impressive in its scale—75 sleek, chic guest rooms are spread across seven stories in an Italian Renaissance building that once housed an upscale department store.

Phpixn2gram article

The House on the Hill

Matt and Alicia Conrad were living in a 900-square-foot cottage in Church Hill when they first set their sights on their dream home. Located a few blocks west in Union Hill, just across the street from Jefferson Park, the turn-of-the-century, Queen Anne-style home had sat boarded up and vacant for years before hitting the market in 2012.

Screen shot 2016 03 15 at 9.17.07 am article
The Washington Post

The Seven Cardinal Sins of Infertility

I’d never paid much attention to Kim Kardashian, but that all changed last summer when she opened up about her troubles getting pregnant. Suddenly Mrs. Kanye West and I briefly had something in common: We both desperately wanted a baby, but things weren’t going according to plan.

Shutterstock moonshinecheese 750x368 article
culture: the word on cheese

That's the Spirit: Moonshine and Cheese

Rona Sullivan grew up in the mountains near Franklin County, Va.—known as the Moonshine Capital of the World. Today, she wraps her Moonshine goat’s milk cheese with cornhusks soaked in the high-octane hooch of her home county, resulting in tangy curds with a kick of white lightning.