Erica Jackson Curran

Erica Jackson Curran

Writer + Editor

Former alt-weekly editor turned content marketer and moonlight freelancer. Food, drinks, travel, and art are just a few of my favorite things to write about.

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Hero checklight article
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Could Checklight Save Football Players From Brain Damage?

Though football season’s just drawn to a close, debates about the dangers of the rough-and-tumble sport continue to heat up on a variety of platforms, from social to traditional media.

Gin and tonic article
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Hand Crafted Bottle Service

Fans of craft cocktails have learned that good things come to those who wait. Between all of the mixing, muddling and herb-slapping, a well-mixed brew might take 10 minutes or more to prepare. But thanks to a growing trend in Boston’s cocktail scene, drinkers can be just a bottle opener away from their favorite refreshment.

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Transforming Boston’s Public Spaces

Boston may be on the small side, but it uses its space well — about a third of its land is open to the public. With that in mind, the city created the Public Space Invitational, asking local creatives to reimagine Boston’s streets, parks, sidewalks, and public buildings in a way that would help them better serve the community.