Erica Jackson Curran

Erica Jackson Curran

Writer + Editor

Former alt-weekly editor turned content marketer and moonlight freelancer. Food, drinks, travel, and art are just a few of my favorite things to write about.

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Bittermilk’s Sweet Success

Regulars at The Gin Joint know that if you ask owners Joe and MariElena Raya for a drink recipe, they’ll gladly scrawl the ingredients on a napkin for you.

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Charleston Uncorked

The subtropical Lowcountry climate isn’t ideal for growing grapes, but that hasn’t stopped a recent surge in wine companies with strong ties to the Holy City

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Wild & Wooly

Michelle Jewell’s first “Fink” was a two-headed rabbit made out of white socks. She didn’t know it at the time, but that handmade doll would lead to a thriving business, dubbed Finkelstein’s Center, with an international customer base.

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Designing Drama | Charleston Magazine

Designing Drama | Charleston Magazine

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Animal Instinct | Charleston Magazine

Erica Jackson Curran. Photographs By: Ruta Elvikyte. Natural-world inspiration is at the heart of all Becca Barnet's creations—from taxidermy to site-specific ......

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String Theorist | Charleston Magazine

String Theorist | Charleston Magazine

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High Spirits | Charleston Magazine

High Spirits | Charleston Magazine

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Bloomin’ Brilliant

It’s not uncommon to see food trucks puttering arou...

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Making Conversation

Herb Parker’s organic structures have sprouted up all over the world, from beneath a waterfall in Japan to, most recently, Artpark on the Niagara River in New York. Composed of natural materials like ...

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Proper Pups

As a frequent doggy foster mama, Heather Parker likes to make her pups feel special....

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Learn to Party Proper

Today, women aren’t generally expected to be the domestic divas they once were, but locals Lee Manigault and Suzanne Pollak think that’s no reason to stop trying....

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String Theorist

Photograph by Mac Kilduff...

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Making Conversation

Sep 25, 2013 ... written by Erica Jackson Curran. Herb Parker's organic structures have sprouted up all over the world, from beneath a waterfall in Japan to, ......

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Bloomin’ Brilliant

Oct 23, 2013 ... written by Erica Jackson Curran. It's not uncommon to see food trucks puttering around Charleston, leaving behind trails of mouth-watering ......