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Former alt-weekly editor turned content marketer and moonlight freelancer. Food, drinks, travel, and art are just a few of my favorite things to write about.

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Michelle Dorrance proves tap dancing is more than just entertainment

Michelle Dorrance proves tap dancing is more than j...

Howtofrychicken0 article

Video: How to Fry Chicken | Features | Charleston City Paper

Martha Lou Gadsden's pink cinderblock restaurant has gotten quite a lot of buzz over the last year — from The New York Times to Saveur — but she's been serving soul food from her little Morrison Drive kitchen for 28 years now.

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Keigwin + Company aren't afraid of the E-word | Dance | Charleston ...

Keigwin + Company aren't afraid of the E-word | Dan...

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Bypass the table and head to these bars for a more diverse dining experience | Features | Charleston City Paper

We've got nothing against sitting at a table and enjoying multicourse meals, but bar dining is quicker, more casual, and — most importantly — allows you to fit multiple stops in one night. Best of all, small plates are often where the chefs really let their talents shine. So follow your gut, take your time, and enjoy an appetizer tour of local hot-spots — cocktails included, of course.

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Black Tap Coffee sweetens up a classic coffee drink | Features | Charleston City Paper

When Black Tap Coffee opened on Beaufain Street in February, it was clear that the shop was serious about coffee. Offering a list of exotic, intense blends from across the globe, housemade flavored syrups, and a specialty cold-press coffee machine, owners Jayme Scott and Ross Jett have transformed this little corner of Harleston Village into a coffee-lover's destination.

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Mason maestros work to preserve the fruits of the harvest | Dirt ...

In late July, my grandmother's North Carolina garden was ripe and overflowing. The tomato plants hung to the ground with more fruit than we could possibly pluck. The small pepper plants were heavy with jalapeños and chilis, and the old fig tree was swarming with wasps and wrens, attracted by the sweet, sticky fruits. So we dug out grandma's mason jars and stock pots, and she taught me how to can.

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Fine Art Goes Indie

If you want to see Teil Duncan's paintings, don't bother looking in any Charleston galleries. You'll have to call her up or shoot her an email and make an appointment to stop by her Redux studio to see what she's been working on. Or you could just head online, where she sells most of her work. Her bright, bold paintings owe a debt to both the impressionists and the abstract expressionists — her scenes are filled with people depicted in angular brushstrokes in a rainbow of colors.

Whatnextmagnum article

Business owners work to create a stronger identity for growing district

It's always been a challenge explaining to visitors where the City Paper offices are located. It usually goes something like this: "We're on Morrison Drive, which is just the northern end of East Bay Street. We're right across from Martha Lou's, you know that little pink building with the fish on it? But if you get to the strip clubs you've gone too far. You know what? Just Mapquest it."

Chassityevansmag article

Chassity Evans | The Style Issue

Chassity Evans opens the door to her Mt. Pleasant home wearing a pair of bright red cropped pants she blogged about a few weeks before. Her closet, a roomy walk-in that she shares with her husband, is filled with pieces many loyal readers will recognize as well: dresses she's worn for photo shoots, shoes she's lusted after, jewelry from her sponsors. Thanks to her blog Look Linger Love, Evans' life seems like an open book, and we couldn't resist a closer peek inside.

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Jive talk with Brackish Bow Ties | Features | Charleston City Paper

When Ben Ross got married, he wanted to give his groomsmen something a little more meaningful than a flask. So he combined his love of the outdoors with a little craftiness and made each one of them bow ties out of turkey feathers. The Jive Turkey, as the design came to be known, was a hit with the wedding guests, and as more and more people started requesting their own, Ross realized his little groomsmen gifts might turn out to be pretty valuable.

K cooper ray 1 jwbthumb article

K. Cooper Ray and the little bowties that could

I recently received the first, and probably only, fraternity bid card of my life. Stamped with the insignia of "Social Primer Fraternity," the card is actually a formal invitation to a presentation at...

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Swim Team

Midway through a phone interview with Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez of Johnnyswim, the doorbell rings in their L.A. home. Sudano jumps up from her seat and rushes for the door while Ramirez laughs. "Yeah, sorry, my birthday is on Monday. I turn 30, so Amanda has been guarding me from any deliveries."

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Dribbble Effect

Local design lovers have been geeking out over a beautiful print by graphic designer Jay Fletcher called The Charleston 25. Printed by Sideshow Press, the limited edition letterpressed print features sleek, abstract depictions of 25 Charleston landmarks, from the U.S. Custom House to the Ravenel Bridge.

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Drinking School is in Session

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn't mean you should put your book-learnin' on hold until September. That said, feel free to trade the textbooks for a stack of instructional manuals devoted to one of our favorite summer pastimes: drinking. Here are a few of our favorite recent releases.