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Former alt-weekly editor turned content marketer and moonlight freelancer. Food, drinks, travel, and art are just a few of my favorite things to write about.

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Boston’s new mayor brings a fresh perspective to City Hall

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has only been in office for a few months, yet he’s already clearly distinguished himself from his predecessor Thomas Menino, who held the mayoral seat for a record five terms. Walsh has reshuffled his cabinet, won over the arts and innovation communities, instituted free Wi-Fi throughout the city, and extended hours for the MBTA on weekends. And, when he has time, he tweets.

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Tracy Morgan returns to his roots

Don’t ask Tracy Morgan about Boston. The New York native will think you want to talk about sports, and he’s “not going to fall for those tactics.” He really just wants to talk about comedy.

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Behind the Mask: David Ross

Red Sox catcher David Ross opens up about beards, Twitter and bouncing back.

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Paul Wahlberg talks food, fame and family

As far as Paul Wahlberg is concerned, his brothers Mark and Donnie can have Hollywood; he’s perfectly happy in Hingham. The chef and owner of South Shore restaurants Wahlburgers and Alma Nove has never felt the urge to follow in his little brothers’ footsteps, so it’s a bit ironic that he’s now co-starring in a new reality TV show.

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Veteran runner John Stoller on crossing the finish line

The first time John Stoller ran the Boston Marathon, it was sort of an accident. A casual runner, he had planned to jog alongside a friend for a few miles and then stop in Wellesley, but he kept challenging himself to run farther until he finally decided to just finish the race.

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Mike Birbiglia's funniest show ever

How does comedian Mike Birbiglia know his career is in a good place? Because his audiences actually recognize him. “These days people come out to see me on purpose,” he says, laughing. “I feel like I’ve weeded out the people who aren’t into it and now it’s just people who are excited to be there. It’s a lot more like performing for your friends than it was when I started.”

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JP and Paul Norden are Twice as Strong

Brothers JP and Paul Norden were cheering on a friend at last year’s Boston Marathon when the bombs went off. Standing directly beside the blast, the brothers—and Paul’s girlfriend Jacqui—were severely injured. Both JP and Paul ended up losing part of their right legs.

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Kim and Dic Donohue adjust to the new normal

On Marathon Monday in 2013, Richard “Dic” Donohue was just another man in uniform, working as a transit police officer for the city of Boston. One year later, he’s become a symbol of survival after being struck during a shoot-out in Watertown between police and Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

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Marathoner Shonna Cirone returns to finish what she started ...

Marathoner Shonna Cirone returns to finish what she started at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

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Q&A: John Kuntz of SpeakEasy's The Whale

Q&A: John Kuntz of SpeakEasy's The Whale.

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Feeding Red Sox Nation

Contrary to popular belief, Fenway Park Senior Executive Chef Ron Abell does a lot more than grill hot dogs—though we’re sure he can make a mean Fenway Frank. Abell has been in charge of Fenway’s culinary operations since 2006, supervising everything from the exclusive EMC Club to the lowliest concession stand.

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Violinist Rhett Price follows his instincts from the T to YouTube

Rhett Price was touring Texas with a country band when he had his ah-ha moment. During a sound check, he started playing Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” on his violin. The drummer and bassist joined in, and when they stopped playing, the audience went wild.

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Gilbert Gottfried opens up at Laugh Boston

From the Aflac duck to Aladdin's pet parrot, Gilbert Gottfried has one of the most recognizable voices in showbiz.

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Boston Accent: A Perfect Pair - Events | Sights | Shopping | Dining ...

Boston Accent: A Perfect Pair - Events | Sights | S...

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Mary Zimmerman gets to the heart of The Jungle Book

Tony Award winner Mary Zimmerman may be known as a ...